Får man döpa sin båt till vad som helst?



Engelsmännen är ju lite speciella. Nakna tjejer i dagstidningarna och politiker fastkedjade i gummikläder, men man kan tydligen inte kalla sin 49er för vad som helst.
Elaine Bunting på Yachting World har storyn:

Big Tits banned

Ah, bless They´re only young(ish), aren?t they?

Britain´s 49er World Champions and Team GB Olympic nominees Stevie Morrison (29) and Ben Rhodes (26) were told at the Skandia Sail for Gold regatta last month that they could not enter their 49er under the present name, Jackie Big Tits.

The pair protested, saying the boat is named after a song by The Kooks. The RYA responded that the tone wasn´t quite right, and it seems the great popular voice of the people agrees.

The Sun newspaper, which reported the story today and is known for its own plentiful supply of same, felt so ooh-errr-Missus it spelt the offending word T**s.

The lads`s defence: ”It´s just a song” was a bit naive as well, I thought. They might not remember it, but the Sex Pistols sang Frigging in the Rigging, but I wouldn?t try that out on the RYA.

Some alternatives they could audition: I Feel Like a Wog by The Stranglers; Arseholes, Bastards, F***king C**ts and Pricks, by Ian Dury (I felt I should use the asterisks, but they needn´t be so prissy); F***k You by The Smashing Pumpkins and Such a Twat by The Streets.

Nån som har fått uppsträckning av pryd seglingsledare nån gång?

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