Aksel Magdahl navigatör på Ericsson 2



Nu börjar Anders Lewander presentera besättningen på Ericssons andrabåt. Först ut är en Norrman.

Någon av våra norska läsare som har koll på Aksel?

Stockholm, August 30, 2007 – Anders Lewander, skipper of the Nordic crew, has picked his first crew member for the next Volvo Ocean Race 2008-2009. Norwegian Aksel Magdahl has been appointed as navigator/tactician. During our crew trials Aksel has shown that he has the right attitude combined with good strategic and tactical thinking, says Anders Lewander.

Aksel Magdahl, who is only 28 years old, will do his first round-the-world race next fall when the Volvo Ocean Race starts in Alicante, Spain. But skipper Anders Lewander is not worried about Aksel?s youth and lack of experience from the race.

-We first heard of Aksel through Knut Frostad who had Aksel as navigator on his 60-foot-trimaran team. According to Knut he was coping and performing well while navigating in 30 knots over the Nordic Sea,? says Anders Lewander and continues:

-The time span is working for us. We have more than a year of preparations. Also, Aksel already has an established meteorology network and is used to this way of working. He is young and hungry and naturally keeps track of all newly developed software necessary to do the job right these days.

And Aksel knows what he?s getting in to:
-Very few sailors turn down the chance to be part of a serious Volvo Ocean Race project,? Aksel says. ?But that was not enough reason for me. I also have to be super-motivated, so it is of paramount importance that the project feels right. There are really good, talented people in the Ericsson Racing Team, and I like Anders Lewander?s leadership style. He gives me room to move, and I know he trusts me.

As a young navigator, Aksel has his own style. He enjoys it best up on deck, preferably beside the helmsman where he can play an active role, instead of sitting below deck and shouting out instructions.

But Aksel is humble about his assignment. He knows the competitors have much experience and skill. He also knows it is impossible to be the smartest in the fleet during every minute of a round-the-world race. His philosophy is not to take big risks but to be ready for changes, and to seize opportunities when they arise.

-But my main reason by far for being involved is my competitive instinct. More than anything else, I want to compete and push myself to do my absolute best in any situation, Aksel says.

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